We are fathers, sons, husbands, and most of all, caring individuals that have a passion to ride motorcycles. Between us, we have thousands of miles of riding and a combined 100 years of biking experience. We are not political nor do we segregate. We are an equal opportunity motorcycle riding club that's only goal is to enjoy our time together and riding wherever the days take us.

Jester's Highway was formed in 2016. Our purpose in forming our club was to belong to a brotherhood that has been around for hundreds of years. Our logo is a Jester because we do not take ourselves too seriously and laughter is what keeps us going. We are in no way affiliated with the 99% or 1% motorcycle clubs. We contribute our own funds to maintain our club and we have rules and regulations. Like most motorcycle clubs, we have officials who have been voted into their positions. We have monthly meetings and are open to any new ideas that will make our club better.

Many of us have taken up riding later in life and with families, we try to ride as often as possible. We respect other clubs and will follow any rules that have been set in place to respect their territories. We will only wear our colors when we ride together. We also ride with several other clubs and some non-members. As of today, we are a club made of men. Any new recruits will be voted in after riding with us and getting to know each and every club member. It will be a majority vote. We meet once a month to discuss new prospects. Jester's Highway is our way of expressing ourselves when we ride. We are proud of who we are and as the years go on, we hope to expand our club and pass it on to generations to come.